Pointers to the King

Intro In our first sermon on the Book of Judges, we learnt that Judges kindles in us a longing for the true King. To this end each of the 12 Judges we encounter in this book points us. Their stories were written down as shadows of the perfect King to come; pointers that would show […]


The downfall of God’s people

[This sermon was preached on Judges chapters 1 and 2 on Sunday, December 3, 2017, at Christ Church Paarl by William King. The audio version can be found here.] Introduction Every now and again we come to a sign post in Scripture that forces us to a standstill. This is where we need to consider in […]


Psalm 1 – Living Abundantly Blessed

The Psalmist presents the journey of humanity as a life lived either with wisdom as presented in the Scriptures or one wasted by being a fool, choosing life or death, blessedness or curse. The starting point is only to be found in the words God spoke through His servants who wrote them down. Sin, wickedness, scoffing has no share in the eternal life God wishes to give. It only leads to death and eternal judgment.