Salvation belongs to the Lord

When we think about idolatry, we must always remember that it reaches far deeper than the making of a physical idol. That is always a byproduct of idolatry. At the core of idolatry as Scripture defines it, lies man’s replacing God with what man wants. It is the dethroning of God and the appointment of man and his makings to the throne. In the theme of the book of Judges, it is the denial of the true God as King and replacing Him with the gods of the nations.


The quest for a deliverer – Setting the standard

The book of Judges makes the reality of human depravity and its consequences clear and looks for the answer to this problem in the most unexpected place. For the author of Judges, the solution is not found in human systems and rules or other man-made solutions. The answer lies in a person, a king, who will deal with the problem of sin and depravity. Therefore, it presents us with the judges, or deliverers, individuals who would be a partial answer to the immediate problem, but a foreshadow of the ultimate King and Deliverer.


Psalm 2 – Living Safely before God

f Psalm 1 teaches is about being blessed, Psalm 2 teaches us about being safe. The last verse of Psalm 2 ties the two together, to imply that true blessedness and being safe in your relationship with God are directly related. Together the two psalms form a very fitting introduction to the Book of Psalms. Taking into account the purpose of the Wisdom Literature, namely living wisely as God’s people, we can conclude that not only does it entails continually meditating on God’s Word, but also living safely before God.