scriptures are sufficient

Only the pure, unadulterated, God-breathed, inerrant Scriptures are sufficient to fully satisfy the soul of the believer. This is because it is the words of God Himself given to man by the Spirit of God. It is nothing less than God revealing Himself and His redemptive plan to man, who is in a corrupted state of sin and in desperate need of God’s salvation through Christ Jesus.

Nothing less than God’s Word will ever be sufficient. Man does try to substitute this for his own concoctions, but this will never satisfy. Substitutions may vary from fast food with no resemblance to God’s Word, to intoxicated foods that use the Word in some sort of way mixed with the poisonous ideas of the world and its false, humanistic philosophies. None of these will ever be able to satisfy the spiritual hunger of the soul of man. Only the pure Word of God!

God’s Word is powerful and sufficient unto salvation, justification, assurance of faith, sanctification, and eternal security. It addresses every spiritual need of the soul of man.

Therefore, Peter admonishes:

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it, you may grow up into salvation – if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good (1 Peter 2:2-3).

This is something the unbeliever do not, will not, and cannot ever understand, until that moment that the Spirit of the Living God changes his / her life through the very Words that he / she despises so much. This transformation of rebirth and conversion restores the soul of man and delivers it from the bondage of sin and death. It enlightens it to see the Scriptures as its only source of nourishment.

Thus, we see God gives the nourishment, enables man to crave for it, and bestows on man all the benefits of feeding on His living word!

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